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Artists performing at Fantasy Gothic Waltz's Gothic Winter Wonderland
Cherry Bar - Thursday December 22nd, 2005.


Secret Secret (San Francisco)

Adored for their soul igniting music Secret Secret has performed numerous events around the world including over twenty times in Japan. Due to the charm of their creative costumes Secret Secret has graced the pages of Gothic Beauty, Burst, Darklife, Maison, SHOXX, and Gothic & Lolita Bible on more then one occasion.

BloodWire (Oakland)

Passionate neo-electronica, where the organic meets the electronic. A distinctive fusion of emotion and technology, richness and warmth, where heart and circuit are intertwined.

Left On Calliope (San Jose)

Left On Calliope are the mysterious chain-smoking foreigner Doèv Mokwazyï and the ****ing glam elementary schoolgirl homeboy Sassy James. These alcoholic lunatics have a passion for delivering music that would please even the most dried-up and rigid LDS elder.

Tesseract7 (Petaluma)

Seductive and alluring Gabi leads her troupe of hearty adventurers through hard industrial gothic metal dance as Tesseract7 treats you to their Orwellian vision of the future.


Robert Blaque (San Francisco)

Gothic Winter Wonderland's Master of Ceremonies Robert Blaque escorts you through an evening of magic and wonder.

Persephone (San Francisco)

Co-creator of the Friday Night Waltz, Persephone DJs and teaches dance throughout the Bay Area. Since 1997 she has choreographed and performed Swing and other vintage dances, with several dance partners and groups. She has been featured everywhere from neighborhood night clubs to television and movies, all across the West. She is known for her unusually high quality instruction, as Persephone provides every detail the students need for enjoyable lead-and-follow social dancing.

La Femme Mystique (San Francisco)

La Femme Mystique has a wide array of musical predilections and adores wooing dancers to the floor. She spins musical genres from the swirly strains of goth, ethereal, and melodic downtempo to high-enery electroindustrial, discopunk and electro. This San Francisco DJ first spun at the fetish event Bound and now DJs and promotes events held at venues throughout SOMA and downtown. Notable recent residencies have included FLIRT!/*SWIRL* at Catalyst and Luna Rouge.

Rick A. Mortis (San Francisco)

Musician, DJ, and Artist who resides in San Francisco. Regularly featured at a number of clubs in the Bay Area. Mainly features music in the genres of Post-Punk, Deathrock, Punk, Goth-Rock, Dark New Wave, and Darkwave. Occasionally Rick can be found spinning Old School Industrial/EBM, Neo-Classical, Ska, Synthpop, Old School Hip-Hop, Classic Rock, Ethereal, Trip-Hop, Trance, etc.


Fantasy Gothic Waltz features talented artists in the dark genres. Artists interested in performing at FGW should contact the staff at: