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Photos from the very first TDCSF are now posted!

Once again Steven provides ups with more photos, this time from TDC2.

Special thanks to Aka Neko for her additional KUF photos.

TDC Flyer Gallery is up.

Michael has graciously provided us more photos which have been added to the KUF section.

DJ Däch was very kind and provided us with photos from TDC 5.


update December 27th, 2005

Fantasy Gothic Waltz - Gothic Winter Wonderland

Fantasy Gothic Waltz opened with the Gothic Winter Wonderland. Four bands, Gothic Waltz, Cosplay Contest, Venders, and Dancing. Photos by Santiago, Brocas, Xaos, and Mr. Anderson.

Tokyo Dark Castle San Francisco Volume I

TDC comes to San Francisco for a phenomenal event. Six bands, Fashion show, Gothic Waltz, Cosplay, Venders, and Dancing. Photos by Santiago.

update November 9th, 2004

Tokyo Dark Castle Volume 6

Following the Kobe event TDC returned the extravagance back to Tokyo with Vol.6.

Tokyo Dark Castle Volume 5

Sat.April 3, 2004 Vol.5. - photos by Däch

Tokyo Dark Castle Devil's Christmas

Gothic Christmas Tokyo Style TDC Vol. 4.

Tokyo Dark Castle Halloween Parade

To start off the all hallow's eve event Genet led a gothic parade through the streets of Shibuya.

Tokyo Dark Castle Halloween

A rather small sampling of photos during and after the Halloween event. TDC Vol. 3.

Tokyo Dark Castle Volume 2

Tokyo Dark Castle Volume 2, photos by Steven.

TDC Flyer Gallery

The Tokyo Dark Castle flyers.

Tokyo Goth & Darkwave

The primordial ooze flowed, coalesced, and October 20th, 2001 brought forth the night that started it all - Tokyo Goth & Darkwave. This seminal event broke through the restraints plaguing the Tokyo goth scene by combining bands, DJs, performances, art, and vending into an all night event. Tokyo would never be the same.

Before Tokyo Dark Castle

June 2001 a strange gothish American went to an Auto-Mod show in Tokyo. A friendship began. In the following October a whole new scene was born. These are photos from that June encounter.


update September 24th, 2004

Kobe Underground Festival

In June of 2004 the people behind TDC brought the experience to Kansai for the most extravagant gothic event ever seen in Kobe, Japan. Photos from the early part of the event, including some shots from the fashion show. Additional photos by Michael. Photos of Secret Secret on stage by Aka Neko.

Kobe Underground Festival

Pre-event photos, back stage and setup. Additional photos by Michael.



While it may be impossible to capture the essence of these events in an image - with these vignettes a glimpse into this mystical land is obtained.

There are currently over 1300 photos from the various related events in this archive.

If you have a collection of Fantasy Gothic Waltz, Tokyo Dark Castle, or Tokyo Goth & Darkwave images that you would like to share please contact us.