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Robert Blaque (San Francisco)

Founding member of the band Secret Secret, and head of the Denki Tiger record label Blaque has organized many events. Some of these include the very first CMJ Synthpop Showcases, Kobe Underground Festival, the Dark Memorial Tour, the Season of Darkness Tour, and the September Synthpop Tour. Blaque ignited what has become Tokyo Dark Castle and brought the experience to San Francisco.


Persephone Leader of the Dance (San Francisco)

Co-creater of the Friday Night Waltz, Persephone DJs and teaches dance throughout the Bay Area. Since 1997 she has choreographed and performed Swing and other vintage dances, with several dance partners and groups. She has been featured everywhere from neighborhood night clubs to television and movies, all across the West. She is known for her unusually high quality instruction, as Persephone provides every detail the students need for enjoyable lead-and-follow social dancing.

Sworden Stage Control (San Francisco)

Sworden takes on the task of Master of the Stage, ensuring that time flows according to plan.

Mike Administrator of the Bazaar (San Jose)

Mike has been involved in numerous events including the Computer Games Developers Conference, Silicon, Baycon and others. At FGW our venders find Mike at the ready to satisfy their needs.

Santiago Administrator of Propaganda (Santa Cruz)

Santiago facilitates promotion and event documenting.